The replacement car

«7Motors» specialists work quickly and efficiently. So often, our customers simply while away the time in a cozy cafe with wi-fi zone, and then pick up the serviceable, but what's there - virtually new car.

Yet the execution of certain types of work, anyway, requires time. For example, painting, deteyling, complex repair of the engine or chassis. And not every car owner has the ability to simply abandon the car for a day or two.

For those who are not used to be pedestrian, value their time and status, «7Motors» offers an exclusive service. Only here you can rent a replacement car. We offer you the car business class, which you can rent at the time of repair of your car. Important Note: we can handle customers and other service stations, but for customers «7Motors» we provide significant discounts!

We do our best to appeal to us as pleasant as possible for you and you were satisfied with the result.

If you have any questions you can contact our consultants at tel. + 380-48-771-77-77 or write to Email: