Why go to the gas benefit?

We consider only the financial side of the issue (though the gas has a less detrimental effect on the engine, the more eco-friendly, etc. -.. That is, has a number of advantages).

Today, in Ukraine, a liter of gas costs about three times cheaper than a liter of 95-octane gasoline (hereinafter, it will build on this type of fuel, as the most popular).

Depending on the size and type of engine gas consumption per 100 km is slightly larger than gasoline. That is, for example, if you have a car with an engine capacity of 1.5 liters, you will pass 100 km, spent 10 liters of gasoline or 11 liters of gas. At current prices, petrol will cost you 230-240 hryvnia, whereas gas - 90-95. Already at 100 kilometers you will get saving nearly 150 hryvnia. Accordingly, the greater the displacement, the greater the savings.

HBO cost, in turn, varies the quantity of the engine cylinders. But here there is a very clear correlation: the more cylinders - the more money you will save. Suppose that you have a car with a 4-cylinder engine and a month you drive an average of 3 thousand kilometers. During refueling with gasoline you pay nearly 7 thousand hryvnia, while gas will cost less than in 3000. For a machine with 6-cylinder engine of the economy at a similar distance will be 4.5 thousand hryvnia, and with 8-cylinder - nearly 6 thousand.

Yes, setting HBO requires investment. But they pay for themselves, depending on how much you drive, for 6-12 months. And «7Motors» offer installation service HBO in installments. At the same time, you will definitely spend less per month than would have took a total of at refueling with gasoline. That is, in any case savings.