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Word deteyling burst in professional slang automotive services recently. But what really lies behind this term? Deteyling The concept comes from the English word «detail» - detail. Therefore, this deteyling - attention to every detail. In the literal sense, to every centimeter of your car.

You can simply wash the car to give it a clean and shine. This care, but no more. Deteyling, in turn, will allow you to also eliminate the defects refinishing, remove dents and polish the car so that even after many years of operation it will look like just out of the salon.

However, the owners of new cars and also become our customers. «7Motors» offers the latest Japanese development, help protect the body and glass from damage and preserve the beauty of the car for many years.

As for the interior of your car, it also needs deteylinge: from cleaning the seats and plastic parts to cleaning the spare wheel - in «7Motors» pay attention to every detail.

What is of fundamental importance in deteylinge? The quality of materials used, the level of equipment and, above all, the skill and professionalism of service centers. In «7Motors» we give a guarantee on our services. Do not worry, you'll see and feel the difference.

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